Thursday, January 7, 2010

Croc infested waters..and art

 Ok still they say 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'...well that simply acknowledges the fact that we all see things differently...but how differently is the intriguing question....

What if 100 intending bathers looked at the assembly of marks individually and 90 returned to the shade of the trees instead of entering the water? The message got through is the answer-for the 90! The other 10 went in the water and became dinner. The message didn’t get through in this case. The maker of the mark failed to project his marks to their reality. His message was lost. Of course if 100 Martians had never before seen the mark ‘STOP’ they would have all gone for a swim. Work that one out!


Whichever way we look at an assembly of marks, the fact that it exists tells us something-it exists- but no more than that.
If we then connect, in some way, it earns merit.
If it connects in many ways it earns greater merit.
If it connects to many viewers, in general, it earns even greater merit.
If it connects to many viewers, in general and over time, it earns greater merit.
And the connection has to be logical, rational and understandable.

Now lets take this into painting and discover a few truths……

True Painting V’s the Bullshit Brigade!
Connecting with honesty, respect and relevance.

Wherever I turn I see paintings that confuse me being celebrated while those to which I am drawn, derided and belittled. Blobs of paint extended and  interrupted by bicycle tread marks, overlaid with pieces of cow hide with half a monkeys skull suspended above it on fishing line with surround sound from an obscure Tibetan musician –all in the name of art confuses the hell out of me and brings insecurity to my urgings to create.

These offerings of ‘art’ need to be put aside and ignored. They have effectively marginalized 99% of the population and given the name of art the smell of rotting fish. The craft of assembling marks that have meaning, are logical, rational and understandable has been hijacked.


The science and forms of aesthetics have been kidnapped by crank-pot wackos at just about every level of art. The school systems in most western countries are a fraud. The greatest disservice a parent can do for their creative child is have them enroll in art in secondary school. A couple of years of  art wackoism from a failed artist posing as a teacher of art and a champion of  the enlightened ‘new’ vision will sidetrack, just about forever, any chance Johnny has of doing something about his gift of being able to draw anything ‘like it is’!

 You may care to comment on some of this as we are heading into areas where individual preciousness will emerge and I'm sure some of you might get a bit upset by where I'm going...