Friday, November 13, 2009

The Art of Technology

Due to a failure in my PC, I was unable to post yesterday, but that being the nature of technology, it short circuited my good intentions.

Fortunately things like that don't stop artists from painting as our tools have sophistication, not from gizmos and whizbangs but, from the dexterity we are able to exercise through our own hands-and that folks will never change!

I've seen the amazing effects that computer graphic programs can perform but they all lack one thing-among many-and that is the ability to inject personality and interpretation into a subject.The 'artist' is restricted to the span of effects of the program and so the end result can only ever be as good as the program.

Now I have started the winter landscape I promised while I finished another painting but because I am computer 'orphaned' I cannot show you my effort. I will tomorrow, one way or another, get you up to date with some visuals and running commentary.

Until anon.