Thursday, December 3, 2009


So this is what we have got but dont be daunted by the size of the hill- it's all surmountable! This is what it looks like after another whack at it!

See its all a matter of steps and I have simply wainted a while for things to dry a bit, then gone back over with another layer of thin paint. Its amazing what a difference that makes. See half the problem 'artists in the making' have is trying to finish too early. Be PATIENT.

But one of the problems I just created for myself in my exuberance of finding a good subject was that  the light source I painted the background in was coming from the right while the source for the subject is from the left! So have a close look at what I've done to the previous painting! I've changed the light. See the tree trunk....before the shadow was on the left and now its on the right. Same with the rocks. I've moved the shadows from one side to the other. Not a big thing but its a detail that is noticed!