Monday, December 7, 2009

On with the show....

Better get a move on with this painting. Want to finish it before the New Year and at the pace I'm going it won't happen. See what I've been doing is filming instructional material. I'm breaking down a painting into 7-8 elements-sky/foreground,distant trees/forward trees,trunks/branches etc and showing exactly the technique I use with extreme close ups and a clear and precise explanation of what I am doing.

Now that camera is high definition and shows up everything in a way you won't believe! And there are 3 cameras on me during these mini demonstations so nothing is missed. Anyhow, I'll put in a link when I put one of these on You Tube so you can see for yourself. You can also go to my You Can Paint site I'm working on at the moment which will house all this material.

Anyhow back to our painting and some highlights on the yellow slicker. This really pops with the blueish backdrop and by itself is a major item of attraction. This is straight paint on the little liner brush. There are 2 brushes I can't live without-this watercolor one and the kitchen pastry brush!

See how much a little bit of close work can lift a subject  but creep up on these areas and don't rush them. As I mentioned earlier I had to reverse the light to match the light on the 2 cowboys. The rocks in the painting had their shadows moved from left to right.

So on we about some falling snow next!