Friday, December 11, 2009


With the figures in and a few cracks at them to get some bounce in the color and the shapes correct, I can go into the falling snow part. I'm not going to paint a blizzard-just a flurry will do. That way its not all obliterated behind a wall a white! I start with a blue white mix and dot it here and there in small marks. As I move forward I increase the size of the stroke and lighten the paint and add some yellow.

Lets see how it look all over.

Ok so far so good. We are at the line of the 2 cowboys and need to start painting some snow on them. Naturally it will be where it falls and rests...the hat, the shoulder, the knees, the horses head and neck and so on. We dont need to overdo it. Keep the marks clean and simple.

And more at the rear.

Its a case of picking your way along and thinking where the snow will grip and mass.

Now for the charge to the end and the flakes that are falling this side of the 2 cowboys. These will be lighter and less dense.... and slightly bigger. So its a straight run home now with this in my head. Around the trees first then the rocks.... then the space!

Until finallly we hare done.

Now to celebrate the launch of my new new web site I'm going to let this painitng go to the first party with a spare 1K laying on the floor. So if you are interested in it let me know and I'll dedicate it to you as well. In the meantime it will be in good care in my studio.......